Sunday, August 24, 2008

Neat review of our Indy Fringe fest show

A nice show review here: Vermillion Lies at Indy Fringe

The show was a minor technical disaster as we completely overwhelmed the sound men with our strange instrumentation, but it was still fun. And the Indy Fringe fest wants us back - so we may play a short set today and we will be back next year for a full run in a theater!

Here's a nice photo of the crowd:


Christopher said...

I posted some thoughts on your SF outing with Amanda on my blog but I don't think I used wow enough. I am now having wow envy and might have to go back and make some changes.

goutwort said...

Hello, Ladies. I saw you perform last night at the Rivoli. Great show! I grinned and swooned the entire time.