Thursday, August 21, 2008

Beef, Tizzle, Crash, Action (and Zing!)

After our whirlwind Amanda tour we are back to our own shows. Four shows in the state of Missouri - I guess they love us here.

On Tuesday August 12th we left New York City and drove and drove and drove. We arrived in Indianapolis at 3am and slept at Jayme Peyton's house. The next day we all had lunch with the Peyton's at Yat's. We love the Peyton's, and we love Yat's!

Then we drove and drove and drove some more.

And then.....


Thursday 14th Warrensburg

We played at a bar called the Bottomfeeder Bay. I didn't understand the name until Zoe explained,

"They're calling their patrons bottomfeeders."


When we pulled up to the venue a man built like a bull approached the van and asked if we needed help, "My name's Beef." He said, grinning, "This here is Tizzle." Tizzle wore a misfits tshirt torn and tattered and a baseball hat embroidered with his name. We also met their friends Crash and Action.

Good times and new friends.


Friday 15th

Kansas City is a neat little city. We shopped too much, but the thrift stores are great. I got leopard print pants and Zoe got a new leotard. All three of us spent too much money of fancy new lingerie (sorry no pictures.)

The show was great fun, Beef and Tizzle showed up from Warrensburg. And we met a girl named Katelyn played "Take off your Shirt" on our accordion after the show - she plays it way better than we do.


Saturday 16th

Pops Blue Moon Festival in St. Louis. A sound catastrophe! The sound man decided to go take a nap during our set leaving behind a few techs who had no idea what to do, plus we played next to a freeway.

We are not an outdoor band, sadly. If you have the choice between seeing us in two venues - see us indoors!!!, the show will be eighty million times better.

The audience was wonderful though. My favorite moment was when I dedicated "No Good" to the state of Wyoming and someone yelled, "Taxidermy Penguin!" It made me feel famous because an obscure blog reference was being made. Amazing!

We stayed with Katie of Gravity Plays Favorites and though we wanted to learn how to poledance we were all too tired.


Sunday 17th

Tim and Carrie from Unique Ink are fantastic folks, they made us many presents including bags with the band name and a logo and stickers and t-shirts and more.

The show was outside (you may have heard we are not a great outdoors band, our fault) but it was still a fun show with a good turnout of all kinds of folks - there were 90 year old grandmothers and young hipsters and tiny children and hicks and goth girls and everything in between.

We played with Curtis Eller who is one of our very favorite performers, he yodels and plays banjo and does crazy high kicks while he plays - so fun!!

And we met a man named "Zing!"


Monday 18th

A day off finally. Pie and coffee for breakfast. I could sleep all day; Zoe and Dakota actually are.

What shall we do with our day off in Fredericktown?

More soon. Love now.

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