Friday, November 21, 2008

Kitten Koustache!

So many fun things on this tour!

We adopted a tour cat! Name pending....

We were on the marquis in Atlanta:

We fell in love with the Builders and the Butchers, we had a sleepover at Bob and Dolly's (Alex's parental types:)

The Builders and the Butchers framed our poster and cds:

Alex - Builder bass player - wears the same size shoe as Kim Vermillion:

Leaving Georgia:

And we may all get tour tattoos of owls:

Monday, November 10, 2008

So much wildlife!

So much wildlife

In New Orleans we got tattoos:



Our friend Churchy in our leopard print pants:

Kim and Dakota in the Tiger Aisle at the local grocery store:

Then we saw a real tiger in Grosse Tete, LA. It is lonely and bored and lives at a truckstop but the people breed tigers for zoos so it is healthy.

In Houston we listened to the test pressing of our new 7" vinyl record!

We signed some copies for the pre-orders (to start in Dec.):

Mark from koi records:

In Austin we played at a bar with a pink elephant on stage and a giraffe? Giraffe!

Random signs of a happier future:

Election night in New Orleans!:

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Voting and pictures

Today you go vote. Kim and Zoe cannot vote because Kim and Zoe are Canadian citizens. Zoe and Dakota are on the phone right now for Barack Obama's campaign calling people in New Orleans to tell them where they can find their polling station.

The New Orleans Bingo! Show is our new favorite band!

The New Orleans Bingo! Show

Here are some lovely photos for you to enjoy after you've all gone to vote.

Kim and Dakota backstage somewhere in the woods.

Dakota cracked out on powdered sugar at Cafe Du Monde in new Orleans

And being accosted by Paul Needs a Friend who ate powdered sugar by the spoonful.

Vermillion Lies on Halloween

Dakota's wonderful grandparent's at Monticello in Virginia

Vermillion Lies in Boston


Boston crowd sings Global Warming


The circus tent we played in at the VooDoo festival in New Orleans

Zoe rocking a washboard


Kim learns to fight with a sword, takes on a 4 year old and wins!

And men we love in New Orleans....


Kim is a barbie!