Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sex, Drugs, and Politics at the Museum of Sex in Manhattan

The cast of characters:

Kim and Zoe Vermillion
Dakota Belle Witt Vermillion
Rita (Helen Keller's Ukulele)

Debate night we attended an art opening for Molly Crabapple at the Museum of sex where there was also a viewing of the final Presidential Debate.

We were also palling around with someone who happens to be an intellectual rockstar to me (Kim,) stalk him here:

The debate was the first I actually saw, I had listened to the last one and therefor missed the brilliant visuals of robot* John McCain. I did cringe every time he said "My friends.)

The video was projected on spaces usually reserved for hard core porn. Exhibit A:

In this setting the debate was extraordinarily funny.

After the debate we had a dance party in the subway:

Music: Scream Club - Life of a Heartbreaker (Photos by James Patten.)

The New York show was fancy and fantastic. We love the Zipper Factory!

The D.C. show was epic fun! Paco Fish did a wonderful job with the show and his own performance (mind-melting Michael Jackson hilarity.) That night we stayed with Dakota's grandparents in Great Fall, VA. Dakota's Gramps is a retired rear admiral in the US NAvy and he had some great stories about running from assassins in Beijing, singing "Old Man River" at a political function, and teaching the king of Swaziland how to eat a watermelon. He also went to school with John McCain (he's voting for Obama.)

The Richmond show was a sweet little thing with lots of lovely performers.

C'Ville tonight!

We're all learning to play the Ukulele while we drive. Rita (Helen Keller's Ukulele) will be opening for us now through Huntsville, AL - her songs are amazing. Come see!

More gratuitous photos of us and our shenanigans:

Zoe with a heart from Boston (we steal so many along the way....)

Dakota with a sculpture which accurately portrays the joyfully ridiculous nature of her soul.

Kim with our new friend Fagpile!

Dakota and her dad in Washington D.C. (taxation without representation!)

Getting ready for the show in D.C..

*We have this theory that the real John McCain died in 2004 at which time Dick Cheney began work on his masterpiece: The McCainBot 5000

1. John McCain moves like a robot.

b. He blinks a lot.

3. ..."Cheney keeps 'man-size' Mosler safes on hand for "workaday business" and has destroyed all Secret Service visitor logs..."

4. Cheney shot a friend of his in the woods. The man survived and this was all attributed to an accident, but we think Cheney was trying to collect part for the McCainBot 5000 (a-hunting hunting we will go....)

5. We've been right about everything else.

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Molly Crabapple said...

It was really cool meeting you guys! I'm so sorry I couldn't make it to the show at the Zipper (I didn't get out of professional obligations till past midnight) but I bet it was fantastic!