Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pole Dancing Hillbillies R Us!

Some days off:


In Fredericktown we ate at this restaurant where we fed 7 people lots of fried food for $27.

Here are some of the comments we got in Fredericktown (which reminded us of the tiny town in the film "To Wong Foo...:"

"Circus must be in town."

"You girls look like you just stepped off a stage."

And my personal favorite conversation:

"Are you all gypsies."


"That's good. I think gypsies are nice people. Gypsies and vikings are nice people."

"Vikings weren't very nice people."

"That's true, but I still think Gypsies are nice."

We played pool at the local bar - The Wagon Wheel, and went thrift store shopping with our awesome friend Julie.



After driving to St. Louis we went to the City Museum which is so hard to describe but basically is a steampunk/ Dr. Seuss interactive sculpture park that rambles inside and outside of an old bank. The sculpture is made of recycled materials and is made to climb on, in, under, over. There are random holes in walls that lead under the floor into tiny, cramped, dark spaces, and ladders made from exposed rebar that stretch four stories up into the sky. The place is filled with children and families and it is basically the best playground you could possibly image. And it is dangerous! Dakota was bleeding by the end and all of us had bruises and scratches. But it is so beautiful and mind blowing that we just had to keep exploring. The outside part is made of old cranes and fire trucks and planes and more all welded into impossible towers that stretch up and over and around. Exploring the space is exhilarating - we all described it as our favorite place ever.

Photos do not do it justice - just go. Go!

The City Museum

We exhausted ourselves thoroughly and then chatted up the staff about playing a concert at the museum. Then we met several of Nine Inch Nails tech and crew at the museum and invited them to dinner but were totally rejected (they don't know how cool we are.)

We went to the Pin Up Bowl to meet our gorgeous friend Mandy and bowled three games using the names: Noxema, Chi Chi, and Vida Boheme (characters in "To Wong Foo...")


Vida Boheme

Chi Chi

Then we went to Katrina's house (she's in Gravity Plays Favorites) where we learned some pole dancing tricks. Kim and Katie try out some of Gravity Plays Favorites moves. (VERY PAINFUL!)

Then we went out to several bars where people kept giving us Jagermesiter - since none of us drinks very often we got"silly." Luckily no hang overs the next day.

Bestest day ever.


We drove to Bean Blossom, Indiana and made hobo dinner in the woods with Reverend Peyton and Breezy.

Then we talked politics - The Reverend had a lot to say while Breezy provided some mouth trumpet patriotic background music. They are awesome people in an awesome band - Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band


Breezy made us pancakes and potatoes and then we went shooting guns. Real guns. We're not fans of guns. But we did go into the woods and turn into hillbillies for a few hours. And it was funny.

Zoe rocks the Elmer Fudd style

Dakota likes the .12 gauge

She screamed "I feel like I have a penis!"

Kim looks a little too convincing.

The Reverend laughs like the devil after he blows a watermelon to pieces.

Breezy puts a bead on a cantaloupe.

We are the Bean Blossom Belles - showing off our guns.

And just for fun:

And you should read Dakota's blog too because she has some great tour stories of her own - she is our tour manager and sometimes opens for us:

Dakota Belle Witt

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