Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sex, Drugs, and Nuclear Physics - Kim in New Orleans

Yes, it is hot here, but the heat has a different quality, it is both more, and less, tolerable. Even when it is not very hot, everything is sticky, and even when it is very hot I don't necessarily notice. Ice will melt with a rapidity that shocks me because I myself am not melting. The hot, moisture filled air makes me feel like I have been turned inside out. The pulsing, wet skin of the city merges into me.

Yes, New Orleans is hot.

Thunder shakes the sky, hard crash and flash of light. The thunder is closer here. The sky cracks open and soaks me in minutes while I'm out for a walk. I shelter and think of Bob Dylan. My camera captures the rain.

The city is gastronomically delightful with many fine restaurants priced lower than the Bay Area. But I do miss the fertile land of California and its abundance of wonderful organic produce. Sunday dinners at Bacchanal are always a delight and one of the many reasons I first fell in love with this city.

Coffea is my morning place, it's owned by Christopher Starnes (the secret mayor's brother.)

And right next door is my favorite store in the world: The Bargain Center. Two giant stores next door to each other, filled with the best junk.

$40 for a prosthetic leg!

My room:

Shoes and feathers and a million dollar bill.

I've written a song a day so far! Song titles:

Let's just kiss
Rainbows and Unicorns
Sex, Drugs, and Nuclear Physics

I have no idea if they are any good. I suspect that maybe one of them is good and the rest will never survive the heat.

Until next time.................


DJ Ten Ninjas said...

Kim -- I met you at your last Portland show with Webley. I was the tall one who broke your lobster but also wrote about you in the paper.

Coffea was also my morning place when I was in New Orleans.

As far as New Orleans music goes, have you seen Herringbone Orchestra yet? (Sometimes they have a shadowpuppet show projected inside a woman's hoop skirt!) And Vavavoom are a fantastic gypsy jazz combo that play at Mimi's a lot.


Brandon in Portland

bellaessa said...

Sorry to see you have to leave New Orleans soon! It sounds very nice, even if it is like living in someone elses mouth. . . (Wait wouldn't that make it better?!)

I'm excited to hear about all of your adventures!

Yes we're the sisters (Who do not look like sisters) who were so excited to see you guys in SF! Yeah I was realizing how weird it is to just yell at you guys in the middle of a street. Yeah, we sound totally creepy. Oh well!

:{ <-- Moustache!

Anyways :) We can't wait to see you guys in Oregon! I'm sure my sister and I will be singing along the whole way there. All seven and a half hours worth.
Thanks for kicking so much ass!

Nicki (In ugh... Reno)

Anonymous said...

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